Weekly Wrap Up 5.10.2014

Hello! Another Day late post compliments of the public holiday. Daylight savings has started, the eldest Child has gone back to his Mums and we are at the mid point of the school holidays now. This week was not off to the best of starts for me but did end quite joyously.

 As it is warming up the windows are often open,Tuesday was treacherously windy. A huge gust got behind this heavy Vintage mirror and bought it crashing down on the bedroom Floor. So much glass absolutely everywhere ( I'm still finding it ) A nice big dent in my hardwood floor too. :(   The Mirror had belonged to my Mr's Poppa It was an emotional loss for me, such a beautiful history bearing piece of generations of his family.
Then later that afternoon my Boy got stung by a Bee for the first time. He has a very low pain tolerance threshold. Such emotional anguish! The day wound up quite nicely with the Mr bringing me chocolate, saying he was Ok about the mirror and taking care of the evening meal while I went into the studio and closed the door for a while. Lovely.
I didn't find out until a couple of days later that this was also the day my Credit Card details were used fraudulently for a close to $2000.00 shopping spree! Card is now cancelled and recovery process started buts its quite inconvenient. 

Flowers, Flowers everywhere and an ever increasing Green Veil growing on the bare tree branches! 
This week I redressed one of my Blythe Dolls, Jenna. It was the first time I have handled one of my dolls since Blythefest. On the yarn front I'm still Knitting the Debbie Bliss baby Cardi and making Ok progress, I really needed a break and the call of the hook was strong I volunteered to pattern test for Shelley of Spincushions, Something on a tight deadline helped get my head back into the world of crochet with a couple of her Pinkie squares. 

I took the Kids out to Tidbinbilla on Friday. We didn't see any Koalas this time but did catch sight of a few Wallabies. 4 Emus and lots of birds and Kangaroos. Just had some fun being out in Nature and enjoying the sunshine.
Yesterday the Mr picked up our Puppy!!  From her birthplace a few hours away and bought her home to us. She is our first family Pet and we think she might be the cutest dog in the world! I'll pop back and introduce her when we know her a little better and I'll share some Tidbinbilla pics this week too.
Stay Happy peeps.


  1. What a roller coaster of a week for you Tammy. A new puppy is sure to brighten things up, although I remember what it was like when we brought our puppy home a few years ago. Those first few weeks can be hard work! So worth it for all those cute puppy cuddles though. Enjoy!

    1. OMGosh Anita you are not kidding about the work! Toilet training, kid calming, sleep training, boundary creating, working out diet.... All the extra cleaning and playing, phew. I am taken back to my years of having babies and toddlers.


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