Weekly Wrap Up 19.10.14

Some super chilly days this week meant that We ended up starting a fire, this is our only heat source and I couldn't handle the shivering any longer.

Bella took a dive into the pond on one of those super chilly days. I saw that as a good opportunity for her first bath while she could dry by the fire. She didn't enjoy it but was quite good!

The roses will be prolifically blooming by this time next week, if the buds are anything to go by and all the trees are back in leaf now. There are little plums, apricots and figs clearly visible on the fruit trees. All of my Mizuna, Cress, Coriander and  ... something else ... have bolted as it just got too hot in the green house, my onions tomatoes and spinach are looking good though.

There were a few new supplies and a little bit of stamping and paper play last week. Some more work on the baby cardi. too, as of right now ( Tuesday morning ) I have three rows left to finish the second sleeve then it will be on to assembly and neck/button band work. I'm so eager to start the Rainbow ripple baby blanket for my other sister and at the same time have a new burst of enthusiasm to finish this cardigan!
Last week seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye and I feel the end of 2014 coming toward me with speed. Have a great week sweet readers!