Weekly Wrap Up 12.10.14

The Puppy Edition

Omgosh, where did that last week of School holidays go? It rushed by in a sleep deprived haze and days filled with cleaning Puppy Pee off the floor; taking all the feathers, stones and sticks she bought in back outside; stolen shoes and/or socks and regular night time alarms to take her out doors for a wee, Puppies are a lot of work and much like toddlers in that they are learning everything, exploring everything and so very curious. Some days you really feel like you have made great progress and the next wonder what the heck you were thinking yesterday as things get crazy.

The garden kept on growing and there were a couple of stolen moments for Creating, Also loads of outside time, with a glorious week of Spring weather I took some beautiful photos of a pair of King Parrots and one night caught Mrs Poss stealing away some roses on Film too. I didn't take any great pics of the Blood Moon but did get some quite average ( to poor ) ones. My Daughter saw a Kangaroo in our garden on Saturday afternoon  and s/he must have come back that night as there is Kangaroo Poo in the driveway ( much to Miss Bellas delight )

The kids are back at School today, the start of the 4th term, boy this year has passed quickly. Bella is a bit lost without all the activity and noise of the rest of the family, its just her and I. Also its grey and rainy, has been like this all day, also for the first time since she has been here. As she arrived in the holidays, she hasn't known days like this ... so relaxed and quiet. Lets see what happens once the kids get home :)