Puppy Love

Meet Bella! 

Heart meltingly Cute, Charmingly Curious, Astoundingly intelligent, Amazingly Affectionate, Bewilderingly Energetic, Frustratingly Naughty, Excessively Time Consuming, Exceedingly Tiring and Endlessly Entertaining.

Our newest Family member. She drives us Crazy and has us scratching our heads wondering what on Earth we were thinking when we decided to get a Puppy, but we love her to bits.


  1. Oh my she's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Becci, when I saw her freckled nose it was love at first sight.

  2. Oh, isn't she just the cutest little pup. x

  3. Oh so cute, those sad eyes...I can just imagine it will be hard to say no to those eyes!

  4. It sure is I'm a sucker for the brown eyes.

  5. Oh my goodness, the cuteness! She's the cutest puppy I've seen in a long time, Tammy! It's a good thing they're so cute when they're so little, because they're a handful, aren't they? I've trained 3 pups in my life so far and those first couple of weeks they really wear you out. But on the upside: they do grow up pretty fast and all there's then is the love and cuteness .... Loved visiting your blog via onecraftymumma - will be back for sure! Marianne xx


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