Floriade 2014

I headed off to Floriade last Friday. It was the last chance I had to go while the Kids were at School, so I took it! Enjoying the flowers at my own pace without the children bombarding me with requests for food and rides was lovely. The day was warm and grey.

These beautiful flowers were quite happy to pause and pose prettily for photos. Many ohhs and ahhs could be heard as they approached

This Passion for Family bed was popular with lots of people stopping and standing in the frame work of the people to get a photo taken. There were multiple frames all around this area,

Some of the little details took my fancy like these pots with Jasmine cascading out, I think they would be a beautiful addition to a wedding setting. Oh and I just adore the horseshoe Pears! There seemed to be quite a few Preschoolers there on Friday and I found all those little people walking in their lines such sweet and endearing groups.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek through my eyes, I really don't have too many words to go along with my experience this year but I hope my photos tell the story without need for too much explanation.


  1. ahh the tulips *sigh*
    Gorgeous T :)

  2. Love the tulips, and those horseshoe pears would look great in my garden too!

    1. I love seeing clever upcycled things and art made with something I would never have considered. :)


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