Weekly Wrap up 28.09.14

Good Morning!  It is a Public Holiday here in Canberra, we have the third child in residence and School Holidays have begun.

When I was in full time employment My planner format was a day on two pages, this has always been my preference. I have started to find that this is not a format that works well for me now I work at home, so I'm trying a drastic size adjustment and going to a week on two pages. I'm also enrolled in a Studio Calico planner class that I hope to glean some new ideas and/or techniques from, I'm quite interested in bullet journaling as something that might work for me.

I'm spending so much time outside now Spring is without a doubt happening as the blossoms start to fall and my world turns its various shades of green again. The tranquil, lush, calm inducing greens! There is so much to do in the garden and not enough hours. On Friday, the last day of School, I took the opportunity to have a date with my Camera and we headed off to Floriade, I will share that here in the next few days, it was beautiful as always.
Our Possum is most certainly back in residence this spring, sleeping in her tree every second or third night. She is quite happy to eat the new growth of some of the trellised roses that reach the roof line while I chat to her and watch. It doesn't bother me that she has taken a liking to those little red tips she can reach, there are plenty of roses here and I'm happy to share the garden with the wildlife - though the snakes and rats I could live without!

There was not much paper play this week with my Girl home sick for the first half of the week and everything else going on. Last night I finished the first sleeve of the baby Cardigan! Almost done now, I am so ready to start crocheting again!  We had a  long Car trip Saturday to collect the eldest Child and bring him back here for the week. We met a sweet little puppy ion the way. I'm planning a Holiday Tidbinbilla visit and looking forward to two whole weeks free of School lunches, rushed mornings, home work and school runs!

Have a great Day!


  1. A week across two pages works best for me too, it helps to see at a glance what the week holds :)
    Am loving seeing all your Spring shots on instagram and I am looking forward to seeing your Floriade photos later in the week.
    Enjoy the more relaxed pace of school hols.

    1. Thanks J. Floriade will be up Wed morning. Enjoy your last week of holidays too. x

  2. I'm thinking about a new planner myself - a week on two pages, just like you! I've been looking at paperblanks journals. Google them - they are so incredibly pretty! :)
    Greetings from the cold, autumnal Austria, Emm.A

    1. Hi Emm.A!
      Autumn is my Fave season though it is quite close to Spring in my preference. I will look for the planners you mentioned, thanks for sharing :)


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