Weekly Wrap Up 21.08.14

I'm popping in again today for what seems to be my once a week appearance here at the moment. Today's post is super short and sweet. Life rolled on in the manner I am accustomed to with washing, messy house dishes cooking and all those mundane moments that we are quite privileged to have in light of current world events.

The weather has been mostly delightful and the garden is showing me new things every day! My short post today come courtesy of a huge pile of Forrest litter Mulch and an ever growing army of lush green weeds waiting for me. The Mr. is working wonders in the back garden while I tackle some beds at the front, hand weeding the grasses out, then go sift through what he has ripped out and retrieve any bulbs and irises. 

My nasturtium seeds sprouted and I can't describe how much this pleases me! I love nasturtiums and have such poor luck with them growing and surviving. I think perhaps its that our summers are too hot and dry.

The weeks mundane cycle was punctuated with so many lovely things in addition to the Spring garden. Paper creations, surprise happy mail, a couple of home made Pizzas, a lovely girly catch up with a friend, some baking, an amazing School art show and a sick day. I shut down my Twitter account and Facebook fan page and hope this allows me to create more blog content and waste less time online.

 Our Biggest Punctuation mark was the decision to add a canine to our family! We have done a bit of research and had some discussions and decided on a breed that is a good match for our family. Now we are doing some additional research into the 'how to' and 'how much'! Everyone already loves the currently non existent Puppy so much! Its a bit ridiculous, in a good way!

Happy Sunday Sweet readers! I hope you are able to find something good in your day!


  1. I am ridiculously excited about your currently non-existant puppy :) Of course a lot of my excitement is because of the breed you are choosing :) :)
    I love the happiness that Spring brings for you. Hugs. J.xx


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