Weekly Wrap Up 14.09.14

Hello Lovely Peeps, Happy Sunday!
I hope you are enjoying your season as much as I am. Spring is delighting me. :)

I don't really have a lot to say today. I'm pulling in to myself a little more than usual and playing catch up with the house work. I'm not feeling overwhelmed, just being practical about where I allocate time today and pulling my energy reserves inward where I need them to get things done. 

This week was quite big for me emotionally as I went back to the old hometown for my Uncles funeral. Sad for me though seeing the anguish of my much love Aunty,  Cousins and their respective families was ... well I can't even think of an appropriate word here ... 

Afterwards me all met at a local place and I can honestly say that room was filled with love. I met some of my Nieces for the first time and caught up with extended family I had not seen for up to over 20 years. A lot of Big Hearty Supportive, love filled hugs were shared.

If you are reading my Pictures along with my words you will see I got some new stamps this week, two packages actually, one arrived unexpectedly promptly; and am still knitting the sweet Baby cardigan for my Niece.
There is a thick fog here this morning and I'm ready for a Cup of Tea, well its actually another cup of Tea if I'm honest.

Every Day might not be good, but there is something good in Every Day! Enjoy it


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