Weekly Wrap up 07.09.14

Hello Sweet Readers! I don't have a lot to say this week as it just seemed to disappear before my eyes!
It was a week laced with Nostalgia and contemplation after an Uncle, who featured predominately in my younger years, passed away.

Spring is absolutely evident now each morning as I look out the kitchen window the fruit blossoms are bigger and brighter and the little peeks of green and red leaf grown are in the very early stages. Birds are busily gathering nesting materials. In the potting shed my Lettuce and Mizuna are getting big and the spinach and Asian greens look strong. Herbs are happy and Tomatoes are starting. Though I did buy three established seedlings before I found the volunteers in the pic above.

I'm still loving my pocket Scrap booking and gathering supplies, trying not to get caught up in the new product hype and 'must have' fervour surrounding it, though its hard not too when its such lovely glitter, gold foil and colour magic products. An instagram friend really helped ground my thoughts on this by reminding me that my family will have not a care what products I use on my pages, they will be interested in the memories and moments captured.

I've started the second front panel of the baby cardigan and am happy with my progress considering I only really work on it in the evening after dinner. 

Its fathers day today, Our gifts have been presented, The Sun is shining and spirits are high.
I'm off to enjoy this day with my Family, have a great Sunday!