Weekly wrap up 31.08.14

Hello! This week I am really struggling to find balance. Maybe its as simple as admitting my time management has been poor and priorities misaligned? 

My house is not a lovely haven, its a kitchen filled with dirty dishes and crumby benches. Its baskets of washing waiting to be folded. There are more than a few visible dust bunnies in residence and the rugs really need to be run over with the Vacuum cleaner. There are two main reasons for this, along with a week that had more errands than usual.

Project life! The paper play, pocket style, recording of our day to day life has rocked my creative world. Playing with stickers, stamps, and photos. Getting inky and recording moments with journaling. I'm sucking so much creative satisfaction from the process and its so much more fun than doing the dishes!

The second reason is Sunshine! The weather is delightful and the sunshine is like a magnet, drawing me out into its warm rays to play in the dirt and drink in the colour it brings to the garden. Even just for the benefit of the beautiful birdsong its all good spirit and soul nourishing food.
I'm weeding out a large, long neglected flower bed and have tackled the side that is overrun with that insidious Kikuyu Grass I'm trying to lift as much of the root as I can and it is pretty slow going, though its so rewarding when I find and free something that was intentionally planted. While progress is slow I can see it.

Thus the cycle feeds itself as I ignore the dishes and indulge my desire to play with papery things, the family keep doing what they do and the house keeps getting messier, I don't want to face the mess so I go out into the garden where it becomes a distant memory. Out of sight out of mind, the family keep doing what they do... We are all fed, reasonably healthy and have a roof over our heads; I'm not complaining, just recording. Everything will fall back into place, readjust and eventually get done.

I hope you are having a lovely Weekend!

 Pictures for this post taken from my Instagram feed.