Weekly Wrap Up 24.08.14

Hello! I hope you are all having a great weekend, or at least have something nice planned for yourselves. Spring is in the air here! This week my fingers were itching to play with paper, ink and photos and my mind whirring with the possibilities. Pocket style Memory keeping has caught up with me and I am embracing it! I started out working on the Family room floor but eventually took it into the studio, where I found no space to work and an impractical layout. 

Over Winter when the space is too cold to work in it had become a dumping ground and things were not being put away. Most of my Paper crafting supplies had been stashed away while sewing and Blythe was my focus. My inks and stamps have always been accessible for the cards I sporadically make but all the frilly, pretty, bling-y, embellish-y bits were deep in the cupboards. So I tucked away all the ribbons and trims and condensed up my Dolly bits and pieces into smaller storage areas, I put my Sewing Machine aside and made space on my open shelves for bling, die cuts, embellishments and those kind of things. I made some of my stamps more easily accessible and bought some little used ink pads out of the drawer and put them up on the shelf, its really practically set up for where I'm at creatively right now.

Stages of Studio clean and reorganise

I'm still knitting and have finished the back of the Debbie Bliss Baby Cardigan, I'm currently working on the left front. I know I'm going to get to a point that really challenges me in the construction of this item and I'm both nervous and excited to get there! Last weekend I used the Rain as an opportunity to get some bone broth on the go. I knew the fire would most likely be at constant flame on grey rainy days so popped Saturdays Chicken carcass in with some Carrots, Celery and Onion. I bought it to the boil on the stove then let it simmer on the fire for 18 hours. Old fashioned slow cooker! The house smelled amazing the next morning and the broth is just So, so good!

I've had my boy home Sick with a cold for most of the week. I think he went to School on Monday and then not again until Friday. It was book week here and we spent some time working together on his Captain America shield. While he didn't end up getting to go in the parade and show it off to his friends the whole process was valuable to share with him as he saw my vision for the creation come to life with his help. He was really quite surprised with the resultant Glittery shield. From the point of showing him how to make a circle using a piece of string, a pencil and an anchor point, to layers of paint. I really enjoyed seeing his delight as we completed each task and he saw it coming together. He was a bit worried the birds might steal it if we left it outside to dry - Precious!
The Mr was also impressed. I really don't consider that when I say something like 'Oh I'll use that old box to make a shield' that he just doesn't see what I see. At the end when I produce the thing  that was just a natural process for my mind, and he looks at it with Admiration, I really start to think about what he may have 'seen' when I originally said I'll use that old box. tee hee

Oh the garden! All the seedlings I planted out seem healthy and happy so far. Violets and Daffodils are popping up everywhere adding cheer and the leaf buds on the trees are swelling. I have even spotted some neighbourhood trees in full bloom! The nights are just a little warmer, as are the days. I love Spring with all her colourful delights and mild warmth, she is on her way!

* Pictures from my Instagram feed.