Weekly Wrap Up 17.08.14

My Weekly Wrap up is a summary of what this week held for me, featuring a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed.  

Hi all! Hope everyone has had a great week. I've spent lots of time out doors this week with a couple of gorgeous sunny days and lots of little seedlings needing attention!

 With the garden as a focus I have now planted out into bigger pots a LOT of lettuce and Mizuna. Also Hon Tsai tai and some of the Cream gold onions. I poked some Nasturtium seeds, that I found stored, into the soil - though I don't hold high hopes for them as I never have much luck with Nasturtiums here. I potted garden Cress, Chives and Coriander - there's a tomato seed that has sprouted too. All of these are still in the potting shed which serves to protect them from the still heavy frosts we are having lately.

Little signs of Spring are becoming more and more apparent as I notice more Bulbs with big fat buds and various flowers peeking out here and there, The red shoots of new growth on the roses is more obvious and I often see birds gathering nesting materials from the garden. I tidied up and reorganised some potted Earlicheer, gladioli and daffodils and moved a self seeded Salvia from the pot where it landed to a garden bed yesterday. Its raining today and there is rain forecast for the next few days too.

One day was so nice I spontaneously took the Kids down to the lake on the way home from School. They played in the playground and we went up to peek at the ducks. I really love watching ducks and observing all their variations.We also saw a pair of Swans with 5 cygnets, made friends with an injured Coot and watched two Pelicans sun bake and preen!

I'm still on track with my menu planning and meal preparation. The cookie dough I made up and froze last weekend has been great to have on hand this week. My quandary with baking is that one of the Children almost always does not like what I have made, finding something they will both eat is a ( delicious ) journey!

The Baby Cashmerino yarn arrived and I started work on my Nieces cardigan. This is something new and different for me, knitting a baby garment and using lots of colours but I felt like I could handle the challenge. I opted to carry the yarn up the side to save having to weave in all of those ends but now I'm up to the armhole shaping of the back this method becomes a bit bulky and less tidy.
Each time I think I have organised all of my Scrapbook pages into proper page protectors I find more! I took the pic that is above on the right, posting on Instagram saying I was done and then found a 12 x 12 plastic bag containing lots of layouts featuring extended family, siblings, nieces and nephews etc. I'll get there. Last night I found a document I had created in April 2010 which seems to be the journaling for "a week in the life". There is an empty pocket style Album in my cupboard too ... these seem to be destined for each other - that may have even been my intended purpose for it originally! I need to see if I have photos to go with this and it might end up being a lovely launch point for my pocket style adventure.

I've been asked to participate in a creative blog hop and if you are interested in my creative process and inspiration pop back tomorrow for that :)


  1. I am so glad you have been getting some gorgeous days and making the most of them...after you thaw out from those freezing nights that is!!

    1. We really have had a mild winter all things considered but this last week or so mother nature is making up for it with the frost!

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