Weekly Wrap Up 10.08.14

My Weekly Wrap up is a summary of what this week held for me, featuring a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed.  

This week was c-c-c-cold in the mornings and sunshiny during the days. The day time temps are coming in the mid teen range but the nights this week were a really heavy cold run for August with the coldest being nearly -8 a few -4 and -5's too. We enjoyed seeing how much more frozen the ponds were each day and what else was frozen. Oh and by the way my lettuce that I was worried about last week have survived beautifully the big ones and the small ones :)  

Creatively I have finished up my Kaitlyn Cowl, I made mine wider than the pattern called for and created my own button hole band as I wanted to use these 5 smaller buttons, that I took from an unravelled project, on it. I ended up sewing the buttons to one of the sides so it closed up in a V front rather than a loose cowl. I feel this is so much more practical. I'm still working on my planner though not as conscientiously as I have the last few weeks and I learned you can plan, plan, plan your little heart out but if you don't act on the instruction you have  set yourself there's not really much point! so I'm back with a planning session set for today and a renewed focus.

I'm really missing the memory keeping aspect of Scrap-booking. When I look back on so many of my pages and see the little things they used to say, or than snapshot of where they used to sit, or that quiet moment I captured on camera with a little note of the date and what it meant to me; It fills me with such warmth to have that memory in front of me. I look back now at a lot of my earlier design team work that was busy and product focussed and I don't love the visual appeal in those pages but still cherish the 'moments' they hold.
I've come across these in my de cluttering and have bought them out to a more accessible area for everyone. The kids and I are really enjoying looking at them together and there is a beautiful bonding process happening as I read my thoughts to them and they hear about their younger selves.

I'm slowly making progress on the bookshelf move. I'm finding this one particularly tricky as I work my 
de cluttering into the process. So many books I loved reading to my toddlers that don't deserve space on the shelves any more in terms of their value to us now, oh but the emotional pull! It interferes with my intention to part with them. I am putting it off. There are books that I need to sort into 'store for future generations' and 'move on for others', who can enjoy them now. I'm finding it so difficult to choose what to store and what to release; there are still several large piles of books in my lounge room and meals area that I need to sort and deal with.

Any Tips?  

One place I have been busy and productive is In the Kitchen, I've been making a lot more of our meals from Scratch and baking a few times this week too. I put a second Lazy Susan in the pantry cupboard for the oil, sauce, vinegar and some dried fruit. I love these up on the shelf above my eye level as I don't have to constantly be getting something to stand on to access what is at the back.

Spring is definitely in the air here.
Thanks for stopping by,  I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Love your blogs nice clean look, although I do always love your photos banner too as you change it to suit the season :)
    Books are hard to let go of, particularly those with strong memories...I still have crates stored around the place my kids have outgrown but I can't part with!

    1. I bit the bullet today J. I have one big tub to store and a smaller ( but still big ) one to donate No more book piles around my House :)


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