A Blog Hop with a difference.

I have been tagged by my Beautiful Friend Janelle Wind to Participate in this Blog hop with a difference. I feel a little out of my Depth not having ever participated in a blog hop before and not having a creative niche to focus on, but hey I'll give it a go! Most of the predecessors up the chain I looked at are all paper crafter's. It is a blog hop with a difference as it is ever expanding and growing. The idea being I tag three creative people to play along and they will each tag another three, on and on it rolls. Though I have not managed to find three people to play along only one who wasn't committed elsewhere. 
So now without Further ado ....

What Am I working on Right now?

Right now I am knitting a baby cardigan for my newest Niece, she is about 8 weeks old and I'm working up a Debbie Bliss Pattern in her Baby Cashmerino yarn. I'm making the 6 to 9 mths size as its the first time I have ever made anything like this and I'm not sure how long it will take me.

I am also working to get all of my old Scrapbook layouts stored in appropriate page protectors. I'll eventually get everything into well ordered albums. I hope to be at a point where I know they are all protected and safe before I start my project life, pocket style pages ( hopefully this week ).

How long does it take to create a project?

That depends on what my creative medium is. With yarn projects I can work up coasters and wash cloths quite quickly. I usually finish a Scarf or large mandala in a few days. If its a more complicated pattern it can stretch out over a week and something like my hexagon ( mood ) blanket could go on indefinitely.
I can whip up a handmade card in 15 to 30 minutes.

What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment?

I really am enjoying working with the Baby Cashmerino yarn, and I'd love to get some more Symphonie hooks in the sizes I use regularly, they are so beautiful to work with. Though I mostly work with my clover amour hooks. In paper play Papertrey ink stamps & StampinUp dye pads. Lily Bee Design are my Favourite Paper people, these three brands/items are my staple in paper craft and card making ATM.

How does my creative process work?

With yarn projects I usually work on them at night while sitting in front of the TV with my Mr. I also sometimes snatch a few pattern repeats during the early afternoon but it just depends on the level of difficulty in the pattern - do I need to concentrate or is it a simpler known stitch etc. This kind of thing dictates when and how I work. I almost always take a yarn project along with a magazine, my planner or a book to the Kids sports practice sessions too.
With scrap booking I most often would start with a photo and story and then move things around a lot trying to find a visually pleasing arrangement. For card making I decide what colour base I want, most often Kraft or off white and then I have a look in my tiny scrap and discarded things bags. I would have often cut a shape, created a tag or stamped a sentiment that in itself was fine but didn't 'go' with what I was making. Keeping these all together enables me to sift though and find some bits to add to, or base a card on and drastically cuts down the time involved.

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

Inspiration for yarn projects comes easily. Seeing a picture or pattern of a big bright mandala with some overlay detail makes my heart beat faster and I just want to make one! A delivery of a yarn club package gives me some direction and a beautiful new yarn that I usually cant wait to work with. Yarn inspiration is often based in need; for example when my Children need winter hats and I set off looking for a pattern to try. 
I see beautiful paper, felt, embroidery, quilting and kindness most days through my lovely online friends and Pinterest. All this creative beauty is what encourages the spark in me to burn brightly, the wonder I feel at all the amazingly clever, talented people sharing their creative skills and knowledge on line.

What is my signature style?

My Scrapbooking style is characteristically lots of negative space, one photo, layered PP, bright colours and an embellishment cluster or two usually featuring a piece of chipboard or transparent element.
I'd describe my cards as Simple. Featuring a neutral base with bright colour pops and bolder patterns in their design.

I have chosen to tag My very talented Friend Cassandra Madge, who is a whiz when it comes to photography and stitches up stunning quilts amongst other things!
I think I first came to have contact with Cass through Blythe Dolls via instagram. We secretly wish we lived in the same city so she could pop over for some morning Tea when I have baked something Yummy and she could teach me how to use my Camera with more skill! We could go on Nature Photography picnics, eat baked things, sit on one of her gorgeous quilts and take pretty pictures together!

that's it for me, I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about what I am up to and how I work!


  1. Great blog post T :)
    Sorry I couldn't help you out, I look forward to visiting your friend Cass next Monday.

    1. Thanks J, not a problem at all . x

  2. Tammy, I certainly do wish that!! We would have such fun together. I'd love to spend some time exploring your beautiful garden too. But don't sell your skills too short, you're amazing with a crochet hook and have make beautiful papercrafting art as well :)


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