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I vanished there for a while under the influence of a couple of Ted talks I listened to and in a stage of contemplation about my whole life. For a couple of months now I have been feeling the weight of what I refer to as STUFF. The things we own and do, so much stuff, too much stuff. Feeling overwhelmed, lost and over cluttered. 

After Blythefest I started reading Organised Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider again. I'm still reading it now and already inspired enough by it to initiate some conversations and start shaking things up around here. The most significant thing I have done as a starting point is to create a home management planner, its still evolving after only being started last weekend. I hope to do a post about this in the near future. 

With my planner in use and under the influence of some structured housework routines I find myself with more time to tackle some of the bigger decluttering tasks I have been putting off, also time to blog! Today we tackled something huge and totally rearranged the living areas of our home moving the TV to a much smaller room and creating a social seating area and computer/desk area in the larger 'living' room. I still have yet to relocate the book shelves into our new living area and out of the Lounge area ( where the TV is )

We have had our first big frosts and really cold night temps this last week with a couple of -3 nights, after these we head out in the mornings to see all the bird water sources and fish ponds frozen. In the potting shed I planted lots of seeds and still have more to go when it warms up a little, I have lettuce enjoying the beautiful sunny days and cooler nights protected from frost in there too. Signs of the Spring to come are starting to reveal themselves everywhere I look in the garden, its beautiful.

We enjoyed the final week of the School holidays with some baking, drawing, reading and trips to the library, I managed to crochet up some Birthday gifts and we went out to get new School shoes and haircuts ready for the term. I also got myself a couple of pairs of shoes, I have long needed new shoes but always put it off as I so hate shopping centres. I got a black pair and a Brown and I really love these brown shoes! Its back to School tomorrow and a chance for me to test out my new routines with a couple less hours spent in the home each day.


  1. Sounds like you've been very productive! I have a folder as well and a really great daily plan that I use...I very rarely get everything done and some days I scrap it altogether but it's so reassuring to know that it's there and I get so much more done than I normally would, even on a "lazy" day! haha.

    1. Thats a bit like me. I have a daily 8 and the idea is to do at least those 8 things each day but in reality most days I hit more like 5 of them.

  2. Great blog I enjoyyed reading


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