Weekly Wrap Up 08.06.2014

This week saw me beginning to understand how to surrender, I've been practicing Yoga for a few weeks and I feel/think/believe I'm at the start of a long and beautiful life changing journey with this practice. Winter has announced her arrival with a gorgeous frosty Blanket yesterday; I am noticing what was a big stack of firewood, dwindling day by day and the tap water is so very cold first thing in the morning!

1. Blood tests for my boy, after various ongoing health issues. My instinct tells me this may well be the cause.
2. Border plant foliage. Gorgeous in its shape and contrast colours.
3. A little basket of seeds and pods that sits on my hallstand.
4. Simple Banana Splits for a little treat.
5. Pizza Dough. Reflecting on the fulfilling feelings created by working with dough.
6. Ella. I decided/found out yesterday I am going to Blythefest next weekend after all.
7. Some Early (very Early ) spring related Cheer. I adore jonquils.
8. I love the Catania yarn! This is mandala pattern from Sarah London that I worked up.
9. A gorgeous clear sunshiny winters day after a frost. Beautiful Crisp morning. Sun warming backs later on.
10. Cheese and Pineapple loaf  made with a quarter of the Pizza Dough.


  1. It's hard to see little ones with health issues, I hope you find the cause soon. If it is this, then there are now many ways of helping. Middle granddaughter, now 11, was diagnosed at 7 after lots of health problems. A general failing to thrive, listlessness, apparent infections, sometimes involving gut pain which caused hospitalisation, suspected kidney problems and more. It was like a light bulb going on. She's pretty good about food but it's parties etc where she has to be careful. She knows to make good choices, as poor choices make her ill.

    Lots more options now available and she eats a huge amount of fresh fruit and veg. Rice noodles, glass noodles, GF pasta are all good. As is rice. Tamari is nicer than soy sauce and is GF free. Marmite is OK but Vegemite isn't. Oats are generally fine, even though they come with a warning of machinery. GF flour is expensive but much better quality than it used to be. She made scones at my place a couple of weeks ago with GF self raising flour with a bit of extra baking poser. They were very good. Proper sourdough with a long raising time of at least 20 hours is fine. Commercial stuff at supermarkets is not fine, even if called sourdough as it has yeast in it for quick raising. Long raising changes the structure of the gluten making it OK for coeliacs. It's what she eats here and is much nicer than commercial GF bread which is disgusting mostly.

    The difference in her was obvious, almost overnight and I hope you find the source of the problem too. Poor kid.


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