Weekly wrap Up 01.06.14

1. Some pretty colour in the garden, I'm not sure I have noted the pink here before.
2. Chocolate slice.
3. New yarn. Catania by Schachenmayr
4. Sweeping leaves off the step, to move to the compost garden.
5. Being thankful for a garden that invites birds.
6. I decided not to attend Blythefest. have negotiated sale of my tickets. will put dresses in my Etsy shop
7. Testing out my lovely new yarn with a sweet Mandala Pattern found at 'Made By K town' blog.
8. Handmade willow wreath, flowers from my little neighbour and found Silver eyes nest. Natural Decor.

Its raining here today, we have a birthday Girl amongst us and the fire is blazing to welcome the first day of winter. Have a great Sunday. x