weekly wrap up 25.05.14

On Sundays I share a peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed.
Another busy week here and I'm finding it a bit hard to process that we are almost at the halfway mark of this year already! 

1. A morning looking out my Kitchen window earlier in the week. There are not many leaves left on that tree now.
2.Stock for Blythefest. Its all about crocheting Middie Blythe dresses here at the moment. 
3. A random little thing that made me smile. walking one morning I saw this on the ground.
4. The early camellia is starting to bloom.
5. more Middie dresses.
6. I did some reading about growing Camellias from seed when I saw one of these beauties open dropping seeds.
7. A less random pretty thing that made me smile. Gorgeous leaves in my garden.
8. A misty morning lakeside provided us with some amazing birdlife viewing.
9. Playing with a contrast trim and collar additions.
10. Home made sausage Rolls. Apple, Dates, Carrot, Spinach, Egg , Onion and Almond Meal added to the sausage filling.