Weekly Wrap Up 18.05.14

On Sundays I share a peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed.
This week was busy and I was feeling the cold, I had the feeling of 'so much to do, so little time' I didn't manage my time to help me shake that feeling either and was plagued by the strangest dreams on Friday night. I'll be writing some lists today :)

1. A pretty little face in a pot full of things I bought back to health.
2. I started a doll and filled her with Yarn tails. I have since realised I didn't follow the pattern. Will start fresh.
3. Lots of work on Middie Blythe doll dresses this week, preparing stock for Blythefest in June.
4. Beautiful late Autumn Sunshine warming my back and good for my Spirit.
5. A comparison of the 2 ply cotton/wool ( Pink ) and the 2 ply wool I am using in some of my little dresses.
6. A card I made for a party my Daughter attended.
7. Home made Pizza. Mushrooms, tomato, spinach, Feta and a little Mozzarella. Bliss.
8. Fruit on my Potted Lemon are getting their colour.
9. Mama essentials for weekend Soccer. Tea, crochet, reading.
10. The prettiest lacy skirt I worked up this week. I'm really happy with this design.