Weekly Wrap Up 11.05.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
This weeks selection shows it is undeniably Autumn. I'm really enjoying using the beautiful Carpet of Maple leaves for photo backdrops. Right now my family are in the kitchen cooking up a mothers day Breakfast. Life is good. x

1. White Bottle Brush Flowering
2. My perspective on a rainy day when I decided to try for a nap.
3. Tired and Happy a state I found myself in often this week.
4. This pomegranate was split, I picked it & broke it apart with my thumbs, took a pic then left it for the birds.
5.After School one day I took the kids down to a local lake with their scooters a bit of a fun activity.
6. The wool Hat I made and felted when it was too small. ( before the felting )
7. Rainbow maker hung by the window dazzles in the Autumn Sunlight.
8. From my Volunteer plant. One for me, I gave the other to friend.
9. Through my kitchen window. Makes my heart sing, the orange and reds are my favourite Autumn hues.
10. Ginger Coconut Slice with lemon icing. Delicious.


  1. A beautiful week! Love that maple tree through your window. What a gorgeous view you have:) Thanks for visiting my blog the other day too:) x


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