Birthday Club May.

This month our Birthday Girl was the very Sweet Messy Miss Kate. 

I handled Birthday club a little differently this time and was thankful for my pile of handmade cards I have stashed in the studio.While I did plan to make a card, life stepped in and made that idea inconvenient, time was of the essence and I found this little stamped, coloured, paper pieced Tilda girl and thought she would be perfect for Kate. I reworked the card a bit from its original design, which I found too visually busy removing a couple of design elements and changing it to more reflect my current taste.

I've already shared the Mandala I made, which was Kate's Birthday Gift I've never sent anything so big and colourful before but this pattern is so pretty and I know Kate loves colour. I really felt like I was taking some kind of big risk sending something so very 'me'; there is a chunk of heart and soul right there in that creation and I think most makers/artists/crafters can relate to that feeling of wanting their work and ideas to be well received.

Kate has received her gift and shared a beautiful picture on instagram. I'm so happy that she loves it.
We have anther Birthday Girl later in May so I'm working on that gift now and will be back towards the end of the month to share more Birthday Love.


  1. Absolutely love this Tammy - you did an awesome job!

  2. The mandela is gorgeous T, I fell in love with it the first glimpse I got...lucky Kate :)

    1. Thanks J. I have my thinking cap on for yours ;)


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