Weekly Wrap up 20.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
This was the first week of the school holidays, I am enjoying the more relaxed pace of these days. There is no mistaking Autumn is here, cooling our mornings & nights and drawing me out into the sunshine of the day. The garden calls me and is where I am finding something to fill me up spiritually and mentally right now. 
Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter. x

1. Looking out the kitchen window I suddenly realised the pavers were surrounded in beautiful lush moss.
2. Early morning holiday activity. Colouring in and rainbow loom band making.
3.New yarn Holst Garn 2ply cotton /wool & silk/wool blends, also a couple of additions to my supersoft wool stash.
4.Following on from last week this happened on 2048 and later I got a 4096.
5. I started to think about how what I eat relates to how I feel. I'm trying to steer back to more wholesome fare.
6. All quiet on the dolly front this week. Taking a break from the crochet dresses.
7. My blanket is a great size for being over my lap as I work on it!
8. I began to weed and clear the growth from in front of the windows, welcoming sunshine back into the house.
9. These are the flowers I salvaged from yesterdays pruning. A climbing rose that hung across a window.
10. Thirsty for a riot of colour my next project jumped out at me from a blog and I'm working on my first mandala.


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