Weekly Wrap Up 06.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
Autumn is certainly creeping more obviously into the days, the garden is looking glorious with all the rain we are getting and I feel like I am making progress in removing the black dog from my home, its push - pull but there is progress. 

1. Sunday dishes piling. Acknowledgement of depression. Lots of empathy and understanding received. Buoying.
2. Another new Blythe Doll! Miss Sally Rice named Ivy.
3. My son borrows a book from the library that I already have, he just wants to look at 'his own'.
4. Appealing to my senses as a potential motivator. Beautiful scents and colour.
5. Miniature Pomegranate. So vibrant they look fake. 100% real and no photographic filter. Gorgeous.
6. A 16 deg rainy day was coming so I headed out prior and collected some kindling. Crochet by the fire. Bliss.
7. Yesterday I spotted some Cyclamen sprouting and even an eager white crocus about to bloom.
8. We have the pleasure of hosing a 7 legged huntsman Spider this week. Pleasure as long as he stays up high.
9. Working on a crochet dress for Middie Blythe.. Wondering if I can/will stock my 1/2 trade table at Blythefest.
10. We/he chose a recipe from our matching books & baked boiled chocolate cake. The fudge icing is amazing!


  1. I hope that black dog leaves sooner rather than later, Tammy. He seems to have been around too long :-)


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