The best thing about an overgrown garden.

 Is the living treasure you find in it! Like this Clematis, hidden away on the least often travelled side of the house, behind the climbing roses and wisteria that cover the wall, in the most awkward to photograph place.

I let out an audible gasp yesterday as I spied the bountiful clusters of blooms, through the foliage of the other plants, up under the eaves yesterday. They are simply stunning. I only realised that this clematis was there last year when I noticed a flower, so to see this gorgeous colour burst was both a surprise and treat.

I really cant photograph this in a manner that does it justice its so very pretty but as I mentioned earlier it's in the most hidden and awkward to access place.


  1. I know what you mean mine is overgrown a bit at the moment.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because you and your blog has captured my attention. Thanks for the connection and the inspiration. You can find the nomination here:
    Please feel free to accept or ignore.

  2. It is a lovely flower, Tammy. We used to have it growing years ago and I am not sure what happened to it. My husband was quite proud of it at the time. Lovely photos as usual. Hope you have a relaxing Easter.


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