Easter Egg Hunt

There is no religious element in our Easter celebration, here the family activity is all about the chocolate. This year our kids know the truth about Easter, all the fun is in the hunt for the eggs and knowing some truth about how the chocolate actually gets hidden about the place did not spoil it for anyone.

I was in charge of hiding the eggs and was thankful for the longer grass after the debacle with the birds 2 years ago; in the 10 minutes between when the eggs were hidden and the children were taken out to find them birds had stolen at least half and left some wrappers about as evidence. This year everyone just had to be careful where they stepped and at the end of the day it was the eggs wrapped in green hidden among the clover that were the hardest to find.

The rest of the day was easy and relaxing. I spent some time weeding out in the sun and working on my crochet indoors. We have all three Children here this week there were lots of board games and an animated movie in the afternoon. We lit a fire in the late afternoon to warm our evening. It was a beautiful relaxing day. I feel blessed. x