Weekly Wrap Up 09.03.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
I think this selection co-incidentally make a great Autumnal montage.

1. This cute little bunny has been roaming our street for two weeks now, we see it in our garden every few days.
2. It has rained frequently these last weeks, bringing plenty of beautiful blooms and new growth to the garden.
3. Fresh Veg in my new colander. A quick snap to capture the striking citrus tones.
4. Experimenting with combinations of ingredients for Slice in the food processor.
5. Taking my time and being true to my creative self with my Blythe doll dresses and sewing.
6. My Crochet hexagon blanket at its cosy shawl size.
7. A treasure the bunny unearthed; Beautifully detailed, gorgeously deep antique spoon.
8. We started the long weekend early yesterday with the hot air balloon festive kick off.


  1. Tammy, you could do metal stamping on that spoon. I have been scouring the Op Shops for them and the prices have varied from 10cents to $4. :-) love the bunny. They are banned in Queensland.

    1. Some of the newer suburbs in Canberra disallow you from having a cat that is allowed out of doors. That is it must be 'contained' 24 hours a day. We like having visits from the Bunny, it has been some ones pet at some stage and visits all the homes in our street that we are aware of. I'm going to try and clean that spoon up a bit and see how I go :)


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