Vertical Pumpkin & life right now.

I have been absent this week as I hurt my lower back. Being still in a desk chair for too long was not good so I wouldn't sit at the PC for longer that I had too doing everything in short bursts where possible and taking it fairly easy. I think I originally hurt it last weekend when I was kicking a ball with the kids. It was only yesterday that I worked out the position I had the drivers seat of the car in and my lack of walking now were exacerbating it.

I feel like I am on the mend but still not quite there yet. I'm going to schedule in some sort busts of walking each day and have been considering Yoga as an exercise option that would work for me. Though, I am a bit lost as to what type of yoga to look into as a starting point for a beginner.

Yesterday I ventured out into the garden and photographed all the stages of pumpkin growth I could see on my now flourishing vertical vine. The largest pumpkin, with the flower open,  is on the original stem and right up near the top of the trellis. The two close together are near the bottom, I cant remember where that tiny one is but judging by the picture it is up high too.

Autumn has turned on a lovely show for her entrance this year with a cool drizzly 20 degree day. The tanks are starting to fill (thank goodness), the grass is growing and the garden is happy. The resident possum is curled up in her tree and I have plans to settle down with with a hook and a lovely growing blanket later today. I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly wrap up and hopefully there will be a return to more regular blogging next week.
I hope you have a great Weekend.


  1. Back pain is the worst. Hopefully you're on the mend.
    Our butternut vine is growing like crazy. The pumpkins seem to be growing overnight with the lovely rain we're getting.

  2. Hi Zara! Same here I swear they each grow half as big again when I look at them each day. My back is healing but it seems to be a slow process this time. x

  3. Tammy, I hope your back improves quickly. It is no fun having back pain especially if you have children.


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