Resident Rabbit

This is the rabbit I mentioned in a weekly wrap up recently. It roams around our street grazing where it pleases digging tiny holes, gnawing on branches & roots, frolicking in the evening air and generally delighting children wherever it goes.

  We hadn't seen it for near on a week and I was thinking it may have met a nasty fate, but this week its back so I guess it is just venturing into greener pastures. The Rabbit makes itself quite at home and seems rather unaffected by our presence, though never actually letting us get too close and happier if we appear to be disinterested in it. It seems to be developing a stronger trust with me, often coming quite close to me and  willing to lay down in a resting position in my presence.

O.K I admit it, if you hadn't already guessed it, there is at least one adult in our street that the visits from Bunny delight too; Its not just the children. He is a very well mannered bunny not digging up veggie patches or eating anything too valuable, it always enters and exits the back yard on the pathway via the open gate and it does help that it is quite a good looker with its tan eye patches and little spots. Of course if it was a naughty destructive bunny it might not elicit the same sense of endearment from me!


  1. I lived for several years at Killara on Sydney's leafy North Shore. I had a twenty minute walk to the train station and left home about 5:30 am to work. There used to be a bunny hopping around Marian Street as I walked down it. It seemed quite at home and stayed well away from the Pacific Highway end. It must have had a long siesta in the day time. I only ever saw it at dawn.

  2. Hi Jan, We usually see our Bunny for breakfast and dinner in those low light times of the day and we wonder where he/she hides when everyone is out and about being busy for the mid part of the day.


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