National Botanic Gardens - Seeds

I took My Girl to the national Botanic Gardens on Sunday. She has been demonstrating and expressing an interest in photography so we set a date and went out with our cameras, just her and I. As we were entering the gardens I told her I had set myself a challenge to focus on photographing seeds, though when I reviewed my photos I have equally as many flowers and lizards amongst my shots.

I've chosen to only share seed photos today and have to mention the great restraint I exercised to not reach out and grab a head of those paper daisy seeds to pop into my pocket, the temptation was so strong! They were so full and ripe for the picking, just about to blow away - absolutely gorgeous.


  1. I love these paper flowers SO so much. Such lovely pictures you've captured them in!

  2. How wonderful Tammy for you to have this wonderful unhurried time together to just feed your Soul and a interest to enjoy together, so worth nurturing often as she will grow up to be your bestest friend and confidant x


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