Weekly wrap up 23.02.14

A peek into my week, via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed.

1. Early in the week, testing out some house work apps on my Android device.
2. Crochet never far away.
3. Pondering the future of my Blythe Dolls. Though this one is a keeper, no matter what.
4. A gorgeous Australian Native. The Blue banded bee.
5. Vertical Pumpkin reaching high after the rain.
6. Rolling out Pizza Dough for Thursdays Dinner.
7. I made Taco seasoning. A comedic dinner debacle followed as I added too much and it was dubbed 'fire' meat.
8. Water, water everywhere, after quite a torrential downpour on Wednesday.
9. Testing out a simple crochet pattern with a variegated yarn, achieving a lovely effect.
10. Beautiful 4 O'Clock flowers early Yesterday morning.

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Lovely photos as usual, Tammy. Glad you got some rain. We need more here in SE Qld.


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