Weekly Wrap Up 16.02.14

To round out the week here is the selection from my Instagram feed.

1. Naked ladies surprised me this week with gorgeous blooms appearing in a dry dehydrated garden.
2. Food processor muffin experimentation. Should have tried a known recipe not a new one.
3. The crochet heart rainbow in its early stages.
4. Reading the secret Garden with my Girl! I love this story.
5. Choc dipped strawberries. Someone seems to have eaten one! ;)
6. I'm so happy to see signs of Autumns impending arrival.  :)
7. The Etsy order I am working on. Almost finished now.
8. Sweet little love nest.
9. Saturday Rain! So glorious I went outside to enjoy this rarity with a Cuppa in the pergola.
10. A spontaneous little crafty gift going out to an Instagram contact who has had some bad luck.


  1. Those strawberries look delicious Tammy :) Wasn't the rain glorious yesterday?

    1. Yes I loved it, everything looks so fresh today! I haven't seem my vegies stand up so tall and happy this summer as what they are today.

  2. Glad you got some rain, Tammy. We are still waiting.

    1. I hope some heads you way soon. it was so very wonderful to have a rainy day.


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