Weekly wrap up 09.02.14

To wrap up my week here is a selection from my Instagram feed. I wasn't using instagram too much this week as we started to get used to our new routine so there was not a huge pool of images to pull from but I think these summarise the things I'd like to share with you here if I had I more time to write about them.

1. Cherry tomatoes from the garden made up one of my Taco fillings last night.
2. I sat down for a minute on Thursday and suddenly felt so tired, I decided to have a little mid day nap.
3. I'm working on some requested dresses for a lovely lady who has Vintage skipper dolls.
4 My girl is making friends at her new school and one of them had a birthday this week so I made her a card.
5. Stampin Up order arrived. Card stock & some new ink colours along with an Envelope Punch Board.
6. Choc Chip Muffins baked on Mon. for after School snacks. These also went in lunch boxes & lasted all week.
7. Embertec products for free! Installed by an ACTEWAGL energy efficiency guy who was door knocking on Tues.
8. It is excessively warm here again, though I am still working on my mood blanket and think I'm up to date.


  1. I love looking at your pictures Tammy they are always so nice-thanks-love dee x


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