Home made Chocolate freckles

I made these last week inspired by a link planning queen Nicole Avery shared on Facebook.
I armed myself with some milk and white chocolate melts and hundreds and thousands. I finally found some with no artificial colours again. My local supermarket has not had them for such a very long time!
For each freckle I used 4 melts. I follower the packet instructions and melted them in a pyrex jug in the microwave. I poured about 3 to 4mm of Chocolate into each patty pan liner. Gosh I don't know what those things are called but they are essentially very small cupcake liners, not the kind you use for chocolates though, bigger than those. They are white and you get about 120 of them in a pack for like $1.50 ish. Then covered the melted Choc with 100's and 1000's and popped them into the fridge to set.

Seeing the original post was one of those "OMGosh, why I have I never thought of that!?" moments. These made a really easy, super special treat for after School that day.


  1. Tammy, I didn't know you could buy hundreds and thousands without artificial colouring. I will have to let my daughter know. I imagine the kids would love to eat those after school.

    1. They are Nemar brand. They make both types, one with all the colours and numbers which are in a blue package and the no artificial colours ones in green packaging. HTH


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