Back to School.Changes for us.

Just like that they are gone! 
Now comes the period of reacquainting ourselves with routine. A new routine to be created for us this year. Last year we made the big decision to pull our Daughter out of the School she has been attending since Pre School and send her off to a smaller school with a lovely community vibe. The exclusion tactics used by the girls at the old school were eroding away at her self confidence more and more each year. We tried teacher intervention and building resilience but there comes a point where enough is enough. Any Mama who has cried along with a child asking ...
  'Why don't they like me?'
will know where I am coming from with this, it was time to change her experience. Our bullying journey is not something I can write about too openly as my emotion relating to this is still quite raw and simply writing the words 'crying along with her' has tears springing to my eyes again as I think of some of those times and how she was questioning her self worth. She is not yet 10 years old and deserves better!

So now I am a Mama of two primary School Children attending two different schools. This means we are shortly becoming a two car family and will be creating a new morning and afternoon Schedule as I try to drop off and collect them from different places. Gone are our leisurely to and from School walks. Of course it would make sense from the perspective of convenience to move our Son too, but by contrast to the experience of our Miss I do not believe moving him would be at all in his best interest. He is thriving socially and also doing just fine academically. My girls excellent academic record was starting to be questioned by her as a potential cause of her unpleasant social circumstances. So in this instance it was time to disregard the convenience to the adults in order to provide the best thing for the children, our hope being that this ultimately benefits the whole family.

While I'm speaking of changes in our little family this is where I mention, in a whisper, that it seems I will be looking to re-enter the paid workforce in order to finance the second vehicle. This is without question the hardest part of the new arrangement for me. The personal sacrifice, I adore being an at home Mama available to the children, able to craft, cook and garden. It suits my introvert nature, I do not relish the idea of working outside home but it is key in alleviating too much financial stress.

We met Our Girls new teacher, in her new class room yesterday and if first impressions are anything to go by this teacher is one of those shining star gems! I am really looking forward to hearing about her first Day in her new School and Little Mr's first Day in his class, with a brand new to his School Teacher. His entire class of same age male friends from last year moved up as a group together into the same class this year. My children's experiences of friendship groups at School are almost polar opposites.
For now Its quiet. Its cool and while I'm waiting for the School day to be over I am relishing both these things.