What do you put on your skin?

I've been quite wary of what I put on my skin for many years now and try hard to avoid harsh chemicals, and embrace more natural products. Today I'm sharing with you  the lovely Aussie products I use on my skin. 

Kitchen windowsill

On my Face

 I have been using EllyB organics since 2008 Lel is lovely to deal with. I use the Elly B essential moisturiser daily and several other products are in my regular, well its more a semi regular really, routine. My daily routine is simply to apply moisturiser and lip balm.  I don't wear make up often at all, there might be one or two occasions a year, at most. In winter or if I am particularly tired I might go to a simple night routine with Lels Nourishing night cream, eye cream and rose hydrating toner. My Elly B products are my Essential indulgences, the beautiful natural scents are a big part of the experience for me. 

Bathroom cabinet

On my Body and Hair

Soap from Beauty and the Bees. in Tasmania. Beautiful rich handmade soaps containing only natural ingredients. I usually buy one bulk lot a couple of times a year to save on postage, I cut the big bars up into smaller portions to use in the shower, I also have small bars in the laundry and by the kitchen sink for hand washing. My lip balm is from Beauty and the Bees too. 

I have been using Sukin Organics shampoo and deodorant for about a year now. I usually buy it locally but recently I have been unable to get the deodorant so ordered online. I decided to give their hand cream a try too and was impressed that a trial size was available. I love it by the way! Its a nice light one which is absorbed quickly and that makes it perfect to pop in a handbag or in my case to apply during the day as I go about my chores. At bed time often I use Elly B hand cream which is heavier and richer. 
My Sukin Organics order came packed in a cute box shouting their own praises, cushioned with plain paper and with some sample products included which made it a bit like opening a gift. :)

Sukin organics parcel

I feel quite lucky to have all the products I use regularly made right here in Australia. The only other thing that makes a difference to how healthy my skin looks is drinking lots of water. Simple huh?! Admittedly I am not always good on the water consumption but I do notice the benefits of it when I make a conscious effort to consume more, and not only on my skin. 
This post is not endorsed or sponsored in any way, its just me sharing the things I use and love in the hope that I may expose someone else to something that works well for them too. Looking after your skin and or establishing some simple routines surrounding skin care can be a nice way to carve out some quiet pampering time that feels indulgent, a daily treat. It doesn't have to take a long time to treat yourself, help you feel more grounded and show yourself some love.


  1. I use products from Beauty and the Bees too. Love the shampoos and soaps. Their service is great and friendly too. I gave one of the conditioner bars to a DIL who travels a lot. Now she uses nothing else. Convenient, no spills. Another DIL with not much money to spare was very happy with the products I gave her. Her favourites but not bought often. I find the shampoo bars etc to be very economical, last for ages.

    1. I have used shampoo bars from there before too Jan and agree about the good value :)

  2. I was given several Sukin products recently but haven't tried them yet. I bought a sample batch of products from one of our DTE members and her deodorant is the best natural deodorant I have ever used. I hope she sets up her Etsy soon before I run out. Isn't it great that these products are Australian made?

    1. Yes it is great! There are more good organic and natural skin care makers in Australia too but these are just the ones I use, I'd be interested to hear what you think of the Sukin when you try it. :)

  3. Its nice to read about other products than the ones we hear about on tv and magazines.I will be looking into both of these-love -dee x

  4. They sound good - hadn't heard of Elly B before!


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