how I'm handling the Heatwave

Here is a little peek at some of what is happening here, I'm reading the preserves book by Pam Corbin and enjoying the river cottage bites series. I'm up to the preserving and bottling shows and its nice to see Pam Corbin in action. I also really enjoyed the bread making shows and they have reignited my desire to get back into making our own bread.

If you are a regular reader you would know that I had two neglected decrepit molars extracted last Thursday and I am pleased to say I am healing really well and generally feeling better. I had no idea how much two teeth were affecting my overall health and vitality. though that could perhaps also be attributed to all the sleep I got the first two days after the surgery.

We had ample warning of the heat wave moving towards us, coming over from the western states so I got to work last Saturday and made Chicken stock from the carcass I has saved in the freezer and de seeded and cooked the Bullace's before it got too hot. The Bullace Plums are mostly green and boy oh boy they have a tart bite to them, though they supposedly make the most awesome jam and I think I got enough for a couple of little jars this year. 

Now the heat is upon us and at around 15deg over the average temp for this month. Not my favourite time of the year, these summer heat waves but I am learning how to best deal with them in this home. We dont have aircon and invested in a couple of portable evaporative coolers last Summer, for the short time we are required to use them they help, though not ideal. One day we well have Evaporative cooling ducted ... one day.

 So I am out at 7 or before each morning watering my Vegetables and Pots. Filling the fish ponds and various water bowls we have around for the birds. I have placed a couple of extras about for this week. Its important to have water for our native garden friends and the bees LOVE the fish ponds for a drink. Of course the fish also like a nice full pond in the cool part of the morning when they can swim about freely and enjoy it. The evaporation rate from the ponds on these high 30 and 40 degree days is amazing.

 The other thing I do early before the sun gets too high is hang the washing. We are eating our evening meals outside as its usually cooler and we are spending from mid morning until that evening meal shut inside with windows, doors, blinds & curtains closed. Evening meals are simple and salad based. I am making progress on my crochet Mood blanket and there is a game of Monopoly on the go every day. I'm usually being beaten by the Children but my luck has changed today.

The time for playing out side is over by about 8.30am and the afternoons are spent watching a movie and /or doing things on the computer. With crochet, reading, building and naps happing in front of a cooler. This Blanket fort went up early today and has proved to be a good source of indoor fun so far though that seems to be currently reaching its limits as the irritability levels rise along with the temperature.

I hope all my lovely readers are dealing with this heat in the best way they are able, managing to protect their gardens and keeping everything adequately hydrated, including yourselves of course!


  1. This book keeps cropping up so it must be calling me. Everyone highly recommends it. Have been making plum sauce this week and hoping to acquire some apricots soon. We've decided no more jams but bring on the chutneys. Have been getting the chores done early here to these days.

  2. The heat down south is ridiculous and I hope it finishes soon for you all. We will be getting a bit of it up here in SE Queensland but it won't be as bad as last time thankfully. I am glad you are feeling better after getting those teeth out. Love the crochet!


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