Australian National Botanic Gardens

On Tuesday We headed off to the National Botanic Gardens with the kids for a bit of a look around all of the gardens are so beautiful and the rainforest gully was a big hit with the kids. We saw lots and lots of lizards running about and sunning them selves. I particularly liked the rock garden and glass house and was stunned by the beautiful Sturts desert pea. Here are some pictures of what we saw.

potted outside the visitors centre


red centre garden



rainforest mist

rock garden

Walking about the gardens is free, you day have to pay for parking but it is well worth it.

I had my 2 broken molars extracted yesterday and am spending quite a lot of time sleeping. All in all my pain level is not nearly as bad as I was expecting it might be, I would call what I'm experiencing discomfort rather than pain. I haven't needed any pain killers today and have managed to eat a range of soft foods too. Thanks for all the well wishes.


  1. I didn't know about these gardens I want to go to Canberra larer this year I think this will be on my list of to do -love dee ps glad your feeling a bit better with your teeth-love dee xxx


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