Holiday fun.

Yesterday we headed out towards the cotter intending to have a look at the Dam. We stopped off here on the way and had a bit of good simple fun. Sitting under a big shady tree for a drink and morning tea, skipping stones and exploring. The kind of morning that reminded me of things I used to do as a kid.

I think the kids were thrilled to see a rocky shoreline and water that was not the sea. I guess they were also awed by the beauty of the Australian waterside bushland , though they probably didn't know that. :)

Skimming or skipping stones is something usually played on 'Wii play motion' but they got to try out their skills in real life, we were all searching around for flat suitable stones to try. The Mr and eldest boy had success.

These ducks delighted me! I adore having the opportunity to observe nature at its best with animals doing their thing in their natural habitat, uninterrupted or influenced by humans. I do have a soft spot for birds and this Duck was such a good Mama watching her little ones making sure everyone was ok as they travelled along. She gave me a final backwards glace as if to say goodbye, standing proud, as she should have been.

A beautiful morning spent drinking in the cool green and deep shade on a hot sunny day, as the area started to become more populated with lunchtime picnickers and families we headed off to the dam for a quick tour and then home as the day was getting hotter. We plan to do this sort of thing more often, having areas like this on our doorstep is a benefit we haven't taken advantage of  but we will be aiming for more local experiences in the future.


  1. That looked like a pleasant time was had by all Tammy. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to swim in creeks. We were always on the lookout for snakes of course :-)

  2. There really is a lot to do around town, and for free if you look for it.
    Such a pretty creek area you have there. x


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