Friday Flowers - Lavender

Here are some of the lavender varieties we currently have in our garden., shown in their various stages of flowering. I dont know what any of them are individually but love them regardless.

Here is an interesting little lavender snippet I took from Wikipedia  

We are into a busier time of the year now and I derailed with a bit of a food upset this week by making too many changes to my diet at the same time creating a digestion problem which wasn't great, I've stepped back a bit and will head into the new regime with a slower easier pace soon. Have a great weekend. x


  1. Tammy I hope you are feeling better. Tummy upsets aren't nice at all.

  2. I love Lavender and Agapanthus they are my two favourite flowers. When my daughter was little we were telling her about the Agapanthus floer being called The Star of Bethlaham welll she couldn't say that so she called them Jesus floers and even now 25years later she still calls them hope you are feeling better later-love dee x


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