Its raining. Its cold. Not that lovely kind of late spring fresh, crisp, enlivening cold. More of a dark, see your breath in front of your face, fire lighting, dreary winter kind of  cold.

All the firewood is wet so I have some lined up on the veranda, where our umbrellas are hanging to dry. I have some lined up in front of the fire which we eventually conceded to light late yesterday afternoon. I'm pleased for this constant soaking rain as it will fill our tanks and the fish ponds, birds and garden all will benefit from it. 

I'm not so pleased for the cold though. I plan to get a date loaf in the oven soon and I have some left over sausage rolls that I made for dinner last night, which will be a hearty warming lunch  for me today

I'll be camping out in my chair with some home made comfort food and hot tea by the warm fire with my yarn and hooks. Theres no better way to spend a cold rainy day, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Tammy, it is amazing that it is so cold down there as, even though it has cooled down from yesterday after storms blew through, it is still warm and humid here. We have storms forecast for most of the week but I don't think the weather is going to cool down to anything like you are experiencing where you live. We will be glad to get some more rain as over 60% of Queensland is now drought declared so the rain from the storms will be much appreciated. You would probably just like the rain to stop though. :-)

    1. I really don't mind it too much at this stage, the rain that is. While our water supplies are good here now I do remember it was only a few years back we were in the throes of drought, I'm glad you are getting a little rain.

  2. Tammy we are having rain too (Riverina near Albury) and although it is cool it is not too cold.
    It has meant inside jobs - cleaning large glass doors as well as the other cleaning!
    It got a bit neglected when I was supervising uni exams recently and I need to perk it up before our son visits from WA later in week. We have a list of jobs for him to do!!
    Enjoy your crafty day!

    1. Hi Mary Jo!
      You must be happy to be getting a special visitor! Sounds like you had quite a productive day too. I got some crafting done and did keep warm by the fire. :)


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