I crocheted a doiley!

I finished this a week or so ago but hadn't photographed it yet, I'm so pleased with it, I used a new cotton by Willmark developed in Australia specifically for home wares ( so new their website isn't operational yet! ) I purchased mine from tangled yarns in QLD. I was really drawn to the hot pink, orange and yellow but decided to play it safe, not having used this before and thinking there were only so many things I could make in those shades. I got a ball of Jade and a ball of white from the colour pop range, though now I am wishing I had gotten at least one other colour that matched with my initial instincts.

This cotton is unlike any I have worked with before, not that my experience is extensive. It is not a soft and snugly yarn, its tough and has a type of rigidity and body about it, giving the items made with it a real presence in their depth and structure. The pattern is called Flower patterned Doiley and I found it on Ravelry this is a chart only pattern with no written instructions. I have become accustomed to working from patterns with both options, and work going back and forth between them as suits me for any particular part of a pattern. This is the first time I have worked from Chart only, there are some errors in my joining but I'm still quite happy with it for a first on a couple of fronts.

I'll pop back tomorrow and show you what I have been working on with the white and will include some info on the book I am working from too!
As you can see by these outdoor photos the sun is out again, We walked to School this morning holding umbrellas and were woken in the night by a thunderstorm, by midday the sun was hot and it was hats on outside again. Such strange and changeable weather right now.


  1. The doily looks lovely, Tammy. I love the colour against the purple of the flower in the vase, the name of which escapes me now. I am glad your weather is warming up. I couldn't believe what everyone was wearing at the War Memorial on Monday when I saw the placing of the wreaths on the news. It looked so cold!

    1. I suspect you might be thinking its a dahlia Nanna Chel but its actually a fragrant rose. It was SO cold but its getting better now :) x

  2. Such a brilliant colour! LOVE it!


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