Friday flowers

So very many gorgeous colourful things going on out there right now. Its green and lush and lovely, it provides endless calm, warmth and colour inspiration for other projects.

I don't think I could ever be accused of not stopping to small the roses. We only had three trick or treaters turn up here last night, dare I say thank goodness, I don't embrace the way its celebrated. They were neighbours from down the road, friends really, I gave them roses, a lovely 'treat' in my opinion and they seemed quite pleased too.


  1. Tammy, we were hoping no children would call at our house for lollies and a couple did for the first time and we told them we didn't believe in Halloween and thankfully they left. I know a lady who was nursing a dying husband a couple of years ago who was abused by children after she told them she didn't have any lollies to give them.

    I love the flowers especially roses and hope to visit our State Rose Garden soon as it is only a few blocks away from where I live and I haven't been there for years. We have some wonderful gardens in our city as the soil is very fertile.


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