Crochet washcloths

I have joined in with Mel from One crafty Mumma for the 2nd round of the Aussie dishcloth swap. I finished up my last one today so have a little pile of colourful cotton happy on my desk.

I worked with two free patterns from the lion brand website but they were essentially the same pattern as I had done my own final rounds on three of the 4. I also worked on a daisy motif from Sasha Kagans Crochet inspiration book but I'm not sure if it would work well as a dishcloth with its lacy structure between petals.

 I crochet these up with Bendigo woollen mills 8 ply cotton, except the one with the variegated blue green band which is two strands of 4 ply worked together. The pattern names are Shaped wash cloth and Sylvan star wash cloth you will find them both in my ravelry projects under shaped wash cloth. As they were the same I just put them under the first pattern I tried.

I'm busy painting a make over magazine rack which I should have ready to show you in a day or two, I'm busy crocheting up my first snowflake and have lots of good crafty stuff going on. Welcome to all the new visitors here my little social media world expanded significantly yesterday and the power of face book sharing blew my mind. Hope everyone has some kind of crafty happy in their world right now.


  1. Tammy, what lovely colours I must say! I have knitted (very basic knitting) a few dishcloths but can't bring myself to use them in case the men of the house make them dirty. LOL! I'll have to get over that, won't I?

    1. You will! I love using y handmade dish cloths seeing a bright pop of handmade goodness while doing a not so loved chore adds value to it for me. I have no worry about the men folk as he rarely does the dishes and when he does he prefers to use one of those brushes, which I personally don't like much at all. ;)

  2. Hello Tammy, I found your blog the other day and have returned!
    I am trying to master crochet - it is a challenge.
    My mother, grandmother and aunts all did beautiful crochet but I seem to have a mental block - or something!
    I can knit, but will continue with trying with crochet.
    I won't make dishcloths as I use my micro fibre cloths. It seems such a waste with all that work to just wash dishes with!!!

    1. Hi Mary Jo, thanks for coming back! I was just replying to Nana Chel saying the bright soft handmade lovely makes a not so nice chore a bit nicer for me. I do tend to prefer my knit cloths over my older crochet ones but I'm willing to give crochet cloths another try, :)

  3. Hii...i wanted to do dis but im confuse how to do a start...will u plz will b vry greatful of u... plzzz comment


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