Birthday Snapshots

Last Friday was my Birthday.

As the Mr was going away on Friday for the weekend, I made myself some Birthday cupcakes and we had Vietnamese food on Thursday night which is when my family gave me Birthday gifts, it was the children's choice, they were so excited. Dad took me out for Lunch on Friday and gave me some little pressies then too - he does it every year whether we want to or not he insists on taking us out for our Birthdays :) On my way home I stopped at the post office and picked up an unexpected handmade gift from a lovely friend.

I had a lovely day with so many Birthday greetings and wishes coming through my social media networks. A couple of Phone calls from Siblings and text messages from Close friends. This gorgeous lariat necklace arrived from a distant (geographically) friend this week, its so pretty.

I got so many thoughtful gifts and greetings, I felt truly blessed and grateful that day.


  1. Happy Birthday! It is so lovely that so many people insist on celebrating how important you are to them. Your children are growing up so quickly and are still so adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely one!


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