Under the weather.

Hello lovely readers, just stopping by and apologising for my absence, it appears that this see sawing weather not only has the best of my mulberry and fig trees but me also. I've been really tired and doing what I can in my windows of energy but today the cough has set in and there is no denying the cold that has been knocking at my door has made it into my system.
Monday was 32 degrees here. Since then we have had gorgeous sunshine, it has rained, thunder storms, lightening, crazy wind and now ( Thursday ) I will be heading out to cover what seedlings have sprouted and pull the pots in under cover as we ready ourselves for an overnight temp of -2. We have had a few light frosts which is what has done the damage to the trees that are already bearing fruit. I do hope our apricots, boysenberries and plums get through the night OK. Our only heating is wood fire and given my state of health I think I will be lighting one as this chilly day progresses.

I've been lamenting the lack of orange in my yarn stash and will have some lovely new yarn and at least one completed little project to share with you next week, and maybe even some Friday flowers tomorrow, but for now I'm going to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea & my crochet while I try to have a restful day. x


  1. I hope you feel better soon Tammy!! even throwing a sheet over your seedlings (with stakes under it) should protect them from the frost... would work for your trees too... like a jumper lol did you see Bendigo has introduced a new orange cotton? so excited!! can't wait to get my colour book!! look after yourself xxx

    1. No I hadn't but I just had a look, I'm more of a tangerine girl than a peach girl, but gee I love some of those other new cotton shades, I look forward to receiving my shade card! Thanks for letting me know! x

  2. That's some crazy weather Tammy. Its just been hot, hot, hot here and am looking forward to rain, if we ever get it. Hope you're better soon.

    Anne xx

  3. Take care Tammy. Hope you feel better soon. xo

  4. Hello gorgeous lady. Revisiting a few of my old blogging mates :) Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hope that turns around soon. I'm returning to full time SAHM status in 2014 (my health is not holding up to regular work unfortunately) so I have been revisiting some simple living sites to get re-inspired for this next phase. Look forward to popping in here a bit more often too :) Feel better soon my friend. xo

    1. Hello! I'm sorry to hear your health is not holding up but pleased to are still in a position to do what is best for you, I'd love to see you stop by more often, having old blogging friends say hi certainly brightens my day. x


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