Ready to go fruit Juice Slushies.

Today I'm sharing a tip for a super easy treat for those warmer days.
Having this on hand in the freezer ready to serve up whenever you want is a great time saver.

You could orchestrate a flavour to suit your taste or just do what I do and just make 'tropical jumble.' To make this all you need to do is freeze up any kind of fruit juice in ice cube trays, when they are well frozen add all the cubes to a food processor and slush them up well, make sure there are no icy lumps left, then transfer it to a bowl and refreeze. It stays quite crystallised and scrapes out easily with a scoop or spoon. I have mine in a pyrex bowl with a lid, its one that I bought for making ice cream and has a plastic/rubbery air tight cover.

The one that I have photographed is made with frozen passion fruit pulp, frozen apple/ pineapple juice from a carton and frozen juice from some canned pineapple pieces. All the juice I use is the natural and unsweetened kind, I think you could probably add a portion of pureed fruit like banana to this as well, or swirl a ribbon of pureed peaches or apricots through it when its added to the bowl! yum!  Its a really refreshing treat for the kids on those warmer afternoons when they come in asking for something to eat.


  1. This is absolutely genius!! We already freeze the left over pineapple juice, it is DH's special treat, but this way we can all enjoy it. You rock!

    1. Thanks Cass! I hope you do enjoy it :)


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