I deserve a treat

I went to the markets last weekend, I had been putting it off and as it turned out we arrived late on Sunday afternoon when there were plenty of bargains to be had. I got most of what was on my list and came in under what I usually spend. As I wandered towards the next fruit and Veg vendor to see if they may have my missing items it happened I had to pass the florist, who had all her bunches marked down to $5.00 each. $5.00 for long stemmed tulips! she had two bunches of Orange left and orange is my favourite colour!

"I deserve a treat!"  

... well, that is what I told myself.
When the voice that said 'just walk on by' piped up the other voice got more insistent and louder ... I deserve a treat, great bargain, I don't have these in my garden ....  these were some of the rolling justifications that went through my brain. I had to use the credit card to pay and was thinking that if I just bought one bunch and spent under $10.00 this would probably not be possible as this seemed like a store that would impose minimum spend limits. I could get two, which would really fill my vase gorgeously and still come in at under the regular price for one bunch! So I grabbed a red and the last remaining orange ( yep someone grabbed the other orange one while I was busy justifying the spend )

Flowers are not something I usually buy. I love flowers but seriously! I have a garden full of the most dazzling array of seasonal blooms. Can cultivated tulips bring me more joy than a wander in the garden while soaking up the calm and collecting a colourful posy? I know $10.00 is not a lot in the grand scheme of things but when I think about what else $10.00 could equate to  it really could have been better spent. This has me thinking about how I talk to myself about value... Its not just monetary

We still don't have any onions.


  1. Yes sometimes you have to treat yourself. Especially with something as beautiful and smile-inducing as a beautiful bouquet of blooms. x

  2. You totally deserve them, and, so do the rest of us who get to see them here. Thanks!

  3. You certainly deserve to treat yourself and feed your Soul with beauty x


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