Healthy Cowboys - Yoghurt Parfait

I have been thinking on an off over the last couple of months about my general health and energy levels and wondering how what I eat affects that, I established eating something in the morning was a habit I had to reintroduce and started with toast but I'd still get so tired in the afternoon. I found that fruit worked better and lunch started to factor into my thinking but thats another story ... So, back to yoghurt parfait.
As I went about my day recently one of the children was watching TV and I was introduced to Healthy cowboys. The long eared drifter aka Bugs Bunny with his filtered water had rode not only into town but my mind ... You know he hardly ever gets sleepy!
Yes folks it was Looney Tunes that bought this healthy eating option to my attention. It wasn't the yoghurt parfait that settled in my brain at first, the song I heard just made me giggle and I glanced up from my folding here and there to see the wildly exaggerated cowboys play out the drama. After a day or two I realised that yoghurt parfait was rattling around in my head and decided to look it up what was this magical mystery food? could yoghurt parfait help me?

It was than that I had one of those 'have I been under a rock?' moments.
Yoghurt parfait is everywhere! They even serve it at McDonalds in the US. I found this recipe at Iowa Girl Eats and it held appeal so decided to give it a whirl. I used regular oats, Jalna low fat Vanilla, and a splash of milk I added frozen raspberries and Boysenberries. This was assembled it while I was making dinner and popped it in the fridge to permeate. I didn't add any Chia seeds ... again, under a rock.
As it turns out this is not the recipe for me, I don't do berries in the morning too well! I haven't given up -  my yoghurt parfait journey continues and you can expect to see a home-made Muesli (Granola) post here before you see the final parfait result.

If you are totally lost and feeling bewildered about my references to Looney Tunes, drifters and cowboys never fear! I found it on you tube to share for your enjoyment!


  1. Hi Tammy
    I make up a bircher style muesli for myself for breakfast.
    Mine lasts 5-6 days. I make it up Sunday and eat it Mon - Fri.

    My recipe is

    1 heaped cup rolled oats
    handful of currants
    25-30 almonds chopped
    1 large red apple grated ( I love Pink Lady)
    1 1/4 cups orange juice

    mix all together cover with gladwrap and keep refrigerated

    Mon - Fri I place a heaped tablespoon of wheatgerm in a bowl, add 1/5 of my bircher muesli mix, top with 2-3 heaped tablespoons greek yoghurt and some defrosted berries. YUM!!

    I have also eaten with chopped strawberries. You can use anything instead of berries.
    Have fun experimenting!


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