Fridays Flowers

Here is the weekly peek at some of the blooms in my garden. the photos in the collage were taken Wednesday can you believe the amazing colour of the sky in the rose picture bottom left? Its unedited, Wednesday was such a glorious Spring Day!

I took these few yesterday.
My potted lemon tree is bursting with buds. it so much happier and healthier since I moved it to a smaller pot about 12 months ago.

I could not neglect to share that the first of the bigger bloomed clematis is flowering, this one is small and climbs a standard rose in the shaded part of our back yard, the wind recently blew the entire vine down as it was not anchored sufficiently and it landed in one big tangled mess. I have roughly hooked it up and the blooms are facing every which way

Oh the iris! These guys seem to be popping up in places I didn't know we had them. Maybe two of the groups haven't flowered in the last couple of years ( or maybe I just don't remember )

I never fail to be stunned at the array of beautiful things we are graced with in this garden, its like a never ending treasure trove that gives over and over. Though I cant dedicate the time or love to it that the previous owner and garden creator did, I do feel so blessed to have a garden with such gorgeous jewels in it!