Friday Flowers - unedited!

Today I'm sharing some pics of the garden in all its overgrown glory - weeds 'n all.
Our garden is sincerely overgrown with tall, tall grass in the flower beds and sometimes flowers in the grass, weeds in the paving and everywhere else, though its abundant beauty outshines these frowned upon things. Through my eyes that is.

The following pic looks back in the opposite direction from the one above thats the edge of the trampoline in the bottom left corner.

A lot of the bigger trees have things climbing up and cascading down them, roses, and clematis mainly.

This picture shows one side of the house in the left of the image is the studio and a branch of the dead crab apple pokes through at he top right of the pic.  If you go a little further along this path ...

... you will see it leads to a rickety gate with an arch over it. ( that little red single rose there in the middle of that picture is my favourite rose in our garden )

just one close up because its my favourite ... it opens showing the bright yellow centre and fades out. Its tiny and simple and there are many stunning roses in our garden I really cant say why its this one for me but I just adore it.

This picture shows the height of the grass in one of the front flower beds ( I am about half way through weeding this one out )

This one looks back towards the red rose in the above image, I wouldn't usually show my wine barrel of dying dry things.

Its so lush right now all I have to do is step outside to feel the calm envelope me, I can get lost in my thoughts pottering away out there and time just disappears. I hope you liked having a look into this half of my garden, bigger picture, warts n all. x


  1. Ohh Tammy I love your garden, so picturesque love the paths, so green and lush. Yahh we woke to rain today, been months. And months since we have seen any, it's been overnight a good soaking rain x

    1. Yay for Rain! We had a couple of rainy nights last week, just chilly ones this week! lol

  2. I'm so glad you shared, it was a joy. Perfection can sometimes lose a little charm.

    1. Thanks so much Tanya, I agree with what you say about perfection :)


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